Holding Patterns

Last week, my parents, boyfriend and I loaded up a U-Haul trailer and three cars, and headed to Oklahoma City. It was a relatively uneventful trip, but I thought I’d share some things I found funny or interesting.

We left the last day of July and drove to Tallahassee. We ended up eating at On the Border, and had some really good Mexican food. If you ever want good Mexican food in Tally, I highly recommend it.

The next day was our long haul. We were going to drive from Tallahassee to Memphis, Tennessee. We set out and got on the interstate. we ended up taking back roads for a few hours and went through Quincy and up into Alabama, to Dothan. After driving for a while, we eventually got to an open strip of road, through open pastures. Unfortunately for us, we were surrounded by semi’s and other trucks. They were really kind of inconsiderate towards us, and kept trying to pass us and then slow down.

We eventually made it to Mississippi, and then to Tennessee. Memphis is a nightmare to try and drive with someone following you. Everyone seems really in a hurry to get somewhere, and nothing is marked well. As you can imagine, that can add up to a less than pleasant trip. My parents had made the decision to stop here, but Patrick and I were okay with continuing on.

After seeing how busy and packed Memphis was, we ended up going on to Little Rock, Arkansas. We left my mom in charge of finding a hotel, since she was the only one not driving. However, the hotel we eventually found was really run down, and neither my father nor I got a good feeling about leaving a trailer with essentially my entire life and Patrick’s entire life inside in the parking lot.

Some of the things I did notice about Arkansas, is that there is a Palestine, Stuttgart, and London in Arkansas, it’s mostly forest and then flat open pasture, it smells like mud, and there is pretty much nothing between Memphis and Little Rock.

After finding a suitable hotel, complete with free downtown shuttle, and fenced parking lot, we found food. We went downtown on the shuttle and found a place called “The Flying Saucer,” that had probably 100 beers on tap, and overall a great atmosphere.

Patrick and I woke up early to get to our apartment complex early enough to get our keys and start move in. After an amazing hot breakfast from the hotel, we left around 8 or so, and drove from Little Rock to Oklahoma City. We drove through more pastures and more forests, and past a whole bunch of other little towns before making it to Oklahoma.

Oklahoma City is the capital city of Oklahoma. It’s a huge city and is also home to Tinker AFB. It has a huge downtown area, a remodeled area next to a movie theater called Bricktown, is the origin of Sonic, has the only eat-in Sonic (where you actually sit down and eat inside, not in your car), and is also home to several universities. It also has its own El Sistema program, founded by members of the Venezuelan El Sistema.

We have moved into our apartment, gotten almost everything out of boxes, found we have a pigeon who lives in the covering for our chimney, named it Hedwig, and now Patrick is back in Florida until Monday for a recording session with Bruce Swedien who produced and recorded “Thriller” with Michael Jackson. Lets just say, homeboy has some pretty amazing connections. 🙂

The next few days I’m making reeds, and studying for diagnostic exams in Music History, Music theory, and eartraining, as well as practicing the Gordon Jacob for leveling.

This is my holding pattern for the next week or so.


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