End of July Update

This coming weekend marks the last weekend in Florida for my boyfriend and me, as we are making the 19 hour car journey to OKC Thursday, August 1. And there is so much left to do!

The last few weeks have been incredibly busy, with my playing all over the state essentially, and Patrick’s dad being in Michigan, things were really quite cramped time-wise.

We have an apartment in OKC, just a few blocks away from OCU, we have a way of getting us and our stuff out there, we have most of the furniture we need, instruments have been insured, cars have been checked and maintenanced, you get the point. Now all that is left is one last lesson with Dr. Heintzen, one more concert to attend, a trip to disney, and hopefully a trip to Ikea and the Apple store to get my iPod fixed. We were going to try and fit a beach day in sometime, but we just couldn’t fit it in.

As it stands, we are renting a trailer, and my awesome parents are going to be towing it with their bus Expedition. My car will be the instrument car, and Patrick’s car is going to be pretty much everything else. Have you ever tried to shove a 7/8 upright bass, a bassoon, 2 flutes, a bass guitar, electric guitar, a bass amp, duffle bag, 2 laptops, cables and speakers for said laptops, and a purse in a Chevy HHR and still be able to see out the back of it? It can be done. I’ve done it before. I am the master of Tetris.

This next week is going to be an emotional one. I have to say goodbye to the people who literally had every ounce of belief in me even when I didn’t, and were kind enough to kick me a little harder than everyone else I’d ever met to work my butt off to get to where I needed to be to move on.

10 days left before we leave.


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