I have the Travel Fever

Christmas break was a bit of a reality check for me. I realized a few things about myself and about living in Oklahoma City.

  • Ice storms REALLY suck. They are terrible, and I hate driving in ice.
  • Snow is cool the first day, but after that it can just go away.
  • I miss rain. I miss the smell of rain that is left after a downpour.
  • I also miss the color green. Everything out here is brown. Even the houses are brown.

The thing I realized about myself is that I really miss Florida and my friends, and I really need a schedule or my sleep cycle completely shifts.

After being in graduate school for a semester, I realize all of the things that I miss from Stetson, and how if I were the dean of a music school things would be run completely differently. However, I am having fun in classes, and made better grades last semester than I did at Stetson (don’t judge me!)

I’ve also made some really great friends, grew closer to my already close friends, and lost a few along the way. That’s all simply a part of life.

However, now as school is about to start again, and El Sistema is already back in full swing, I’ve begun to plan for what is happening over the summer.

I have applied to a music program just outside of Exeter, England. It’s a week-long orchestral program, and everyone I have spoken to from the program has been super helpful and overall very nice. I have no idea how competitive the program is to be admitted, but the application is free and everything is included in the fee, so I figured I might as well do it.

This also would sate my travel fever I have had for a few years now of wanting to go back to England and see more than just London proper and between London and Gatwick Airport.

I am taking Orchestral literature, 20th century analysis, graduate quintet, orchestra, wind phil, bassoon lessons, and teaching 5 days a week. Did I mention those quintet rehearsals are at 8:30 am? As in Morning? I really hope I can beat my track record of not doing well in anything before 9 am.

Anyways, I’m off to bed.

Have a picture of me trapped in a phone booth in London looking like a true creep.



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