What if…

What if…

The quintessential question that has been asked for as long as man has been able to voice a question probably. The concept of what if  has always been something I have seen as either highly annoying, or highly illogical to ask. However, in the last three weeks, my life has kind of been turned on its head.

My entire thought process has become what if I’m not good enough for grad school? or what if BOTH institutions offer me great deals?</em> or my favorite one recently, what if I choose the wrong one!?

What if what if what if WHAT IF.

There is no correct answer, nor is there an incorrect one. However for someone who has never had to make such decisions, this can be incredibly overwhelming! Which is the better choice, which would make me a better person, which would make me a better performer, do I want to see my die-hard Gator fan of a father in Florida State garb at a graduation.

Other questions floating through my head include but are not limited to: Will my reeds be nice? Will it rain? Will the pieces I do be sufficient? What about research? What about the Gordon Jacob, will that high e-flat speak? What about my excerpts? Am I playing them correctly? Will there be free food sometime? Are they looking for perfection?

Everything starts tomorrow afternoon, my parents are driving me up to Tallahassee to stay the night. My audition is at 11:30 am, so driving up the day of wouldn’t be a good idea.

Now it really begins.


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