Pray for Rain!

This weekend is the first of my two graduate program auditions! I’m really excited and extremely nervous.

Florida State University has always been somewhere I’ve considered going. My mother went there, and my grandmother went there when it was still Florida State College for Women. I even have a Femina Perfecta t-shirt from her days at the college!

I decided to give up on practicing today, I tried with my reeds and they were really not wanting to play. It’s crazy dry in my house for some reasons, making them really hard and not responsive at all. Tomorrow I can use the Community College’s practice rooms, and see if they make any progress in a different climate.

So, as I did absolutely nothing today, I made it through 4 years of the PhD comic series, several episodes of House Hunters, House Hunters International, and Property Brothers. Tomorrow is my last day to practice before this audition, and my last day to take anything up to tempo, so here’s to a double shot of Sencha, some yogurt, strawberries, and a Neuro Bliss to get thorough tomorrow.

PRAY FOR RAIN ON SATURDAY. There is a 70% chance of rain on Saturday. Let’s make it happen.


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