The Florida State Experience

This past Saturday was the first of my two auditions for a masters program.

Florida State has always been a possibility due to the fact that I am a third generation legacy (if I were to go), and the fact that my professor went there as well.

My parents and I drove up on Friday through 3 hours of nothing but rain and terrible drivers, to the University Inn right next to the music buildings. Since we were starving we went to the Tomahawk bar and grill, and had some of the BEST burgers I’ve ever eaten at a bar. I highly suggest it. 😀

I took my bassoon over to the music department to practice a bit, and make sure my reeds functioned. Since it was raining, my dead reed sounded absolutely amazing. (I love how that happens.) I ran into the bassoon professor, and he recognized me from my case.

Since all of the practice rooms are in essentially what is the basement of one of the buildings, the ventilation system wasn’t really good. I was sweating about halfway through, so I decided to do some stretching and relax a little before calling my dad to come pick me up.

I managed to leave my phone charger, which I then realized was my iPad charger, in the practice room. After badgering my dad to drive me back over to find it, the building was locked. He went the next morning to the practice room and it was still there! So I managed to get my charger back, and not stress completely about being out $50 for a new cable and charger.

The day of the audition, my parents dropped me off at the music building and went on their way. We were shuffled through stairwells and hallways, to a main room where everyone was filling out paperwork. Because I’m CDO (OCD for all you non-CDO people. It bothered me to just type that. =P) all of my paperwork was turned in and taken care of, all of my transcripts were available, and all I had to do was fill out an audition sheet.

My audition was at 11:30, so I went back down to the practice rooms and did some yoga before going upstairs to sit and wait for my audition. The students from FSU who were helping out were all very friendly and really enthusiastic and supportive. A few girls auditioning for undergraduates were really nervous and shaky, so I spoke to them for a while to help calm them down a bit.

When 11:30 rolled around, it was time for my audition. The space was really nice, wooden floors and really high ceilings, and only two teachers inside. Mr. Keesecker, the bassoon instructor, and Dr. Ohlsson, the oboe instructor. I played through my first two pieces, and Dr. Ohlsson had to leave. After I played some excerpts, I was asked questions like why I wanted to get a Masters degree, what my goals were, and what would happen if I should be accepted. I was told that I was behind on technique, and if I came to Florida State my first semester would be tearing apart my repertoire and my technique to essentially start at the basics.

After my audition, the other music students were all going to get lunch, so I decided to go get Gyros with them at Pitaria. Best idea ever. I got to get an insight on the inner workings of the music school, and everyone was super nice.

I went and had a meeting after lunch with Mr. Keesecker, just reiterating what I wanted to do, and then left to come home.

Overall, Florida State seemed like a great idea, but I don’t really feel like a large school with a 24 person studio is the place for me.

Lets see what my other audition brings for me.

I leave on Wednesday for Oklahoma City.

One week and counting.


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