Slacking Off

I think I slacked off a bit with this blog project….

BUT NEVER FEAR! I promise I’ll keep up with what is going on now that I’m done! 🙂

I graduated from Stetson last semester and it has been a little rough coming out of it. Yes, the fact I have no classes to structure my day is quite awesome, but at the same time it really sucks. Since I have no structure, I was starting to lose direction and not doing well with practicing. I think I maybe practiced once during the entire month of December.

The Saturday before finals week I was in a car accident in DeLand. An old man pulled in front of me at a stop light (his stop light, mind you) and I slammed into the side of his truck. Since he continued moving, it dragged my car 6 feet, and shifted the front bumper 6 inches. Also figured into that was the fact that this was a 6k fix (haha 666. crap.) His insurance paid for everything, so it wasn’t too bad after that. I wasn’t injured at all, and managed to come out with no long term problems either.

After the accident, I was pretty sore. I also suffered some slightly bruised ribs, so I was exempt from my performance jury. However, I was not exempt from my piano final, nor would they move it. I went in, and halfway through the exam began losing the sensation in my left hand. This is a problem. Most of the pieces I was playing were extremely left hand heavy, and I managed to not hit the notes correctly at all. I failed the final. Failed it. FAILED. All because I couldn’t feel my hand. They told me I’d have to come back at the beginning of the next semester and redo it. My mother was NOT happy. We went and spoke to the dean, and found out that I apparently didn’t even need that class. I DIDN’T NEED IT. REALLY. This did it for me. I had spent the entire semester agonizing over doing well, and WAS doing well, until the final.

When I moved back home, I expected to be able to function as a normal member of society. However, I quickly realized that finding a job was a major problem. Ocala doesn’t exactly have the best economy at the moment, and no one was hiring then. They still really aren’t hiring. My mother made it very obvious that I was going to have a major problem if I couldn’t find a job, and moving wasn’t an option.

Fast forward to last week, (confusing, I know) and Dr Heintzen told me to start applying for graduate programs. She said to apply for Florida State, and just do the audition. I was a bit nervous to start, but I decided to take her advice and just go for it.

Midway through the application, I got an email from her about Oklahoma City University. The bassoon professor there, Anna Resnick-Henson, was looking for a grad level bassoon student for their graduate wind quintet. So I started filling out that application after looking through the email and through their website. This is the school Kristin Chenoweth and Kelly O’Hara came from. They have a new music building and facilities, and apparently are what I would consider the Stetson of Oklahoma. Mid-application I emailed the professor and got an awesome response. We are the SAME PERSON IN DIFFERENT BODIES. Literally. It’s quite scary.

For those of you keeping up with where I am,  my Florida State audition is February 23. The rep list is:

1. Mozart Concerto in B-flat, movement 1

2. Gordon Jacob Concerto in B-flat, movements 1 and 2

3. Excerpts

4. Scales if needed

5 . Sightreading if needed

the Oklahoma City University audition is March 9. The rep list is:

1. Gordon Jacob Concerto in B-flat, movements 1 and 2

2. Ravel Piece en forme de Habanera

3.  Fasch Sonata in F Major, movments 1-4

4. Shostakovich 9 excerpts (4th movement and beginning of 5th movement)

5. Tchaik 5 excerpt (the slow one. dont’ remember what movement)

6. Sightreading

7. Scales if needed

Yeah. Glad that the OCU one is later than the FSU.

Let’s see where this goes.


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