Do like the locals do!

Today I went to an event. Not just any event, an SCA event. These events, known for heavy and rapier fighting, food, women sewing and carving, making new garments and people telling stories of “hey man, remember when you me and that one other guy got drunk off our asses the night before we fought at War?” Yeah, these people know how to party.
I showed up a little later than I had hoped due to nausea all night last night and recurring awful nightmares due to said nausea. However in the time I was there I heard several stories of different larger events and of different things people had done.
Returning home, I decided to make the beginnings of a bucket list in general and one for places I want to travel to.
Patrick came over after a long day of fighting, and we decided to make soba stir fry, the traditional way.
Here’s to another night of no practice, and just contemplating where the future is taking me.



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