Hey 2020, how you doin

I made a cheeky post in 2016 about not writing on this blog until 2020.

We see how accurate I used to be, here we are, 9 months into 2020, I forgot about this blog for 4 full years, and the world is literally on fire.

Performances have halted, school is at home (we love a good Zoom University reference), and the world has been forced inside to combat a literal pandemic.

I guess if I’m truly honest with myself, this might be the one and only post until 2025 when I eventually remember this site exists, but hey. Let’s try to do this weekly.

I’m furloughed from Disney as a costumer, I started back at school as a masters student after deferring a DMA at my dream school with one of the best professors in the world, and I found out I can actually sit for 14 hours in the same position and play Animal Crossing until I can’t feel my feet.

So here’s the deal:

I’ll upload weekly, do that one idea I had that I found on google about how to travel with an instrument, and make this a part of my independent study this semester of how to function as a teacher in today’s weird world.



I promise my writing isn’t actually this bad, it’s 3 pm on a Saturday and I just started my coffee.



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