Excuses Excuses…

So life took a massive turn, and I once again forgot about this blog.

I would say, “oh yes! I’ll keep up with it now that I’m done with school!” However, I think we all know where this would end up. I’d never write anything on it until 2020!

So as part of my New Year, Same Me resolution, I resolve to…

You know.

Actually do the thing I set out to do.

I hope I’ll have more to post on that is more frequent in the future, but for the time being, have some bullet points!

  • I performed as the bassoonist for OKCU’s graduate wind quintet for all 4 semesters of graduate school
  • I premiered too many pieces to count
  • I performed a few bucket list pieces (Pines of Rome by Respighi and Sibelius Symphony Number 2) while in school
  • I traveled to England in July of 2014 to perform Shostakovich 10, Don Juan, and the Elgar Cello Concerto with the Amadeus orchestra
  • I liked it so much I went back in 2015 and played Mahler 8 with them as well
  • I traveled the north of England with some of the best people I could have ever asked for
  • I tried (and loved) a few new hair styles
  • I split a bocal (the bendy metal part of a bassoon where the reed goes on-for all of you non-bassoon people)
  • I bought a new bocal (they’re expensive!)
  • I finished coursework for my masters degree
  • I’m finishing up my thesis on Marcel Bitsch’s Concertino for Bassoon and Piano
  • I’ve moved back to the Central Florida area
  • I’ve acquired cats! (Minerva and Theia, but collectively I call them “the noots.” Don’t ask.:D)
  • I begin working with the Metropolitan Area Youth Symphony and am in charge of recruitment of winds and brass for the Orlando branch in a few weeks

I’m in the process of a few new things going on, one of which is working with the Metropolitan Area Youth Symphony, or MAYS. I’m also considering a few auditions, which I will update on at a later date.

I hope you’ll join me once again as I try to establish myself as a free-lance musician in the Central Florida region!



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