Sorry guys!

So I slacked off again. Grad school has taken over my life (just as I was expecting it to.)

It’s just now slowing down for a little while after my last quintet concert, but I promise I’ll post more regularly!

Here’s a list of things that have happened since I moved out here!

1. We moved into a 3rd story apartment less than 2 miles from my campus.

2. Patrick found a job working for a company, and after 2 weeks of working was sent out to Houston for 2 weeks to work on a site.

3. We got engaged!! (ring pic below. :D)

4. I started rehearsals with my quintet, the Chroma Winds. Our website is still in the works, but once we get it working I’ll post a link.

5. I now work for El Sistema Oklahoma, teaching 3-6 graders how to play instruments, mainly bassoon and oboe. I’ve got some really amazing kids!

6. I’m apparently judging all-state in a month? Not sure how that happened, but it did.

7. I made principle chair bassoon for band and orchestra for the first set of concerts, and got to play principle bassoon for Symphonie Fantastique by Berlioz!

8. Our current concert cycle is Mahler 9, which I’m playing 2nd. It may as well be co-principle though, I play in unison with the principle part.

I have made so many amazing new friends from all over the world. I’m so lucky I came here.

I promise I’ll post more regularly. 🙂

I said yes! Especially with this ring.

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