Five weeks and counting

Last week, I worked at Stetson University’s 30th Annual Double Reed Workshop. It is a week long program for middle and high school oboists and bassoonists, and teaches reed making, chamber groups are included, and it also gives them the chance to work with other double reed players as they may be the only one in their band.

Going into this week, all of the counselors know we will be sleep deprived and probably antsy by the end of it, so we all pack decks of cards, the odd bit of candy, and some energy drinks (usually I’m the one with energy drinks) and hit the week running.

This year, the camp had about 74 kids, was a really uneventful week in regards to illness or injury. Last year, two girls sprained ankles, and a few other kids got some sort of flu thing, so to not have really any problems with these things was nothing short of a miracle.

After a week of double reeding and trying to not stab myself with wire making other people’s reeds, I came home to begin preparations for my move. We have finally settled on an apartment, and have put in an application for it. My scholarship has been approved, so no need to worry about that anymore. We have made lists of everything we are taking and what we need, audition music has been acquired (Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique) and reeds are being made. Overall, I’m hoping the process of moving goes as smoothly as my trip out to Oklahoma City was.

Still left in this summer for me are 2 more camps, (Metropolitan Area Youth Symphony Leesburg and Orlando camps), and the Band Summer Conference, where I will be playing again with The Southern Winds, a band made of mostly faculty and alumni of Stetson University. I just pray they don’t put me on contra, I’m not physically tall enough to play the thing.

My last week in Florida will be the last week of July. We will be driving from Ocala to OKC over the course of 2 days and then moving in. I’ve never lived anywhere other than Florida.

Let the countdown sequence begin.


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